Monday, 16 April 2012

More news from the house of fun...

So my Easter hols continue to fly past the mid point all too quickly, and today I find myself feeling so heavy, stretched and uncomfortable! It seems to happen every week or so, I think it must be little one going through a growth spurt and my poor belly trying to accomodate it!

The fun and games in the kitchen continue, but the cats have been enjoying playing amongst the miscellaneous debris which litters the back garden.

Poor Ed was not having a very happy weekend when I took this photo - apparently our walls are not very good for hanging cabinets from. I gathered the state of his peace of mind when he hit the wall with his drill and swore at it - this is so unlike Ed, I made him an immediate cup of tea and told him to take a break before he had a mental breakdown!

Here is another page to share, using last year's May Cocoa Daisy kit (I'm onto the June one now - yay!), and again it is a photo from our trip to Paris in 2010. We had a really happy and eventful 2010 which I'm quite glad about, considering how awful our 2011 turned out to be!

This page tells the unfortunate story of our trip out to a bar in the Bastille district. It was opposite the Opera House, which can be the only explanatory factor for the prices they charged! Ed wandered off the to toilet as soon as we got there, telling me to order. The waitress was immediately upon me, so I ordered a beer and what looked like a nice cocktail from the French (obviously) drinks menu.

However, when Ed came back, we realised the prices for both the drinks were nearly £25! And my cocktail was horrible. Ed didn't let me forget about it, and finally told my dad the story a couple of weeks ago, which I could have killed him for as my dad hates wasting money in any way and I had been happily hiding the event from him even though he was in Paris with us on holiday.

Still, you live and learn.

I've been trying to take part in the online crop over at I say trying, I'm currently creating my second page. But this is a great creative achievement for me in recent times, and if I can possibly get to four or five challenges completed I will be happy. I'm trying to plough through my old Cocoa Daisy kits and use them up too, horribly aware that time is flashing by and I really need to clear out the spare room in the very near future...

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