Monday, 23 April 2012

Baby Shopping

It just about dawned on me yesterday as I faced the prospect of returning to work that in 12 weeks, we should be welcoming our baby home. While it still seems like a dim and distant prospect as I feel like I have been pregnant for literally ever, people keep telling me how fast the time has gone and how big I'm getting. This made me decide that I probably should think about making some of the big purchases that we will need (while I'm still earning some money!).

My mum has very kindly offered to buy us the pushchair, so we are going to make our final choices about that at the weekend. And my sister in law has donated what feels like everything else we will ever need for the baby including newborn clothes, baby bath, baby walker, baby toys, moses basket etc. But what we did need to get was a cotbed.

I had looked around Mothercare a few times and thought this looked like a nice sturdy choice, but it was a bit pricey. So I was very pleased when I flicked through the website yesterday and found it with £50 off! Mind made up - I ordered it and we are picking it up at the weekend. God knows where we will put it though - everything is all over the place with the kitchen in the middle of redecoration.

So back to work today, and it wasn't too bad although I find that my tolerance levels are significantly reduced at the moment. I don't normally respond to kids too aggressively, however annoying they are, as it doesn't get you anywhere. But I am finding myself decidedly snappy when they irritate me. Hopefully they will sense the general mood and take care!

I've also been struggling a bit with my SPD for the last few days. I had it really early and went to the doctors, but then it seemed to sort itself out and so I stupidly cancelled the physio appointment that took about 6 weeks to come through. Then, as per the law of sod, it started to appear again in the last week, exacerbated by me trying to push a heavy trolley round Sainsburys yesterday. I know, not clever. I'm going to have a hot bath later and hope that it disappears from whence it came again.

So onto a layout to share with you which I made last week. You will realise there is no sense of order to my scrapping - I tend to scrap whatever photo falls on my lap or fits with the particular papers I have in front of me. This happens even more so when I'm trying to get through my backlog of kits as I am now.

I made it with the June 2011 Cocoa Daisy kit - a much brighter prospect than the May one altogether. When it arrived I initially didn't like it that much, but its actually grown on me a lot as I've come to scrap with it.

The photo is one of our group shots from a scrappy weekend away with the girls last year - I decided that we looked like one of those police line ups and was going to call it The Usual Suspects, but I didn't have enough 's's! So I called it The Line Up instead. Apologies to SJ who is mortified by the gesture she is pulling in this photo...

I was quite pleased with the little embellishment cluster here, which I augmented with some ancient Scenic Route supplies and some Girls Paperie cut outs. The date isn't on there because I couldn't remember it - I need to check!

In other news, Shimelle's new class Cover to Cover is open on the class forums, so I might spend a bit of time introducing myself over there later. In the meantime though, I want to finish a half finished page and also (shame) do a bit of work this evening too. I'm working later for the next few days, but hope to share another post with you soon, even if it is a small one!

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  1. Love the cot, great choice!
    Gorgeous page, I think it was the last day in April or 1st May 2011 :)