Thursday, 2 September 2010

The problem with doors...

So I spent a little while this evening when I got in from work wondering what my lesson of the day would be. There were a couple of work related lessons taken from the always scintillating INSET training today, but let's face it, that's a bit dull to scrap about. And then the lesson arrived at my door, so to speak. We went to take our plates out to the dishwasher after dinner, only to find the kitchen door was jammed shut. Totally stuck, no amount of handle wobbling would do it. I am fortunate enough to have a handy hubby who keeps screwdrivers in his car and he eventually managed to remove the entire handle, allowing us to finally regain access to the kitchen and put the kettle on. It could have been a lot more disastrous - all the rest of his tools had been locked in the kitchen!

So I decided to scrap about our little adventure - though my first instinct might be to bemoan my house and all its fixtures and fittings when these little irritants occur, the house is not about to fall down around our ears and most problems can be easily solved, provided you have a screwdriver to hand...

I kept pretty much the same format as before - purple cardstock today, which was interesting to scrap with as I'm sure, like me, you will have noticed that purple is not the most popular colour in most scrapbook ranges. I have scrapped with it occasionally before though, and I think it works great teamed with this light aqua colour. The stamps were from an old Back Porch Memories kit subscription - I thought the little line of houses was quite cute. The little 'stay open' sticker made me laugh - it was one of the only stickers I had left from a 7Gypsies 'Inspire' sticker set - while I think the sentiment is meant to refer to your outlook on life, it works pretty well as a plea to my kitchen door too!
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  1. oh I love that sticker, very appropriate. The colours do go together very well don't they? I am not a big fan of purple but my daughter loves it and so does her daughter so who am I to argue..

  2. Loving that stamp, very cute. Purple is not an 'easy' colour to work with but your page is lovely :)

  3. Great page, I love the old book paper, and the little houses stamp is very sweet! xx

  4. Oh My glad your hubby had more screwdrivers to hand.
    as you say those two colours are a great combo, must remember that for future ref.