Friday, 3 September 2010

An Awareness Day

Today was the day that every teacher dreads - the day the kids come back to school after the six week break. I'm not sure why we dread it exactly, the kids are probably at their best behaved at this time of year, with many promising that THIS will be the year they turn over a new leaf and do some work. Their resolve holds out for a couple of weeks at most, but is fun while it lasts.

Today, the powers that be decided that we would have a 'College Awareness Day.' The school has changed from year groups into mixed age colleges, and many of the kids would need to get used to this. I meanwhile was experiencing some changes too. I have always been a Key Stage Four tutor - Years 10 and 11 - and I'm used to the monosyllabic grunts and almost overwhelming lack of enthusiasm when asked to do anything, including raising a smile. However, as part of my job coordinating the Year Seven curriculum, I have now become a tutor in the Year Seven college.

I have been apprehensive about this ever since I found out my fate. I had visions of wiping tears (and noses!), dealing with a whining rendition on the theme of 'he stole my pencilcase', and being repeatedly asked if they need to underline practically everything they write. I thought I would be drained of the will to live by the end of a whole day in their company. But it turns out my new Year Seven form aren't irritating at all. Considering it was their first day at a very big new school, they all took it very much in their stride. They were fun, enthusiastic, well-behaved, and not one of them asked the dreaded underlining question! Whilst I did finish the day exhausted, I was also pleasantly surprised at what a great day I'd had, and it was over before I realised too.

So I suppose I learnt my lesson today. Don't take any preconceptions into the classroom. Not all Year Sevens are the same. Things never turn out as badly as you fear they might!

As you can see, the format of the page stays, with the common elements of a scallop circle of book paper and some punched butterflies. The paper was one I would probably never have chosen myself, and I admit it is a bit dark for the stamping to show up (there are some wise owls on there believe it or not!), but I actually really like the rose design so sometimes it's good to work from a kit and force yourself to try things outside your comfort zone. It's not my favourite page so far, and took far longer to create than the others, but it didn't turn out too badly in the end.

I'm going to be doing a bit of work for Papermaze over the weekend, but will hopefully manage to fit in the next couple of pages of this book as well, so keep an eye out for my posts. Happy weekend!
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