Thursday, 11 June 2009

Judgemental Who!

This layout brings back very funny memories - the game of Guess Who, updated for a cynical and slightly drunken modern audience. Guess Who is all about judging on appearances, I guess Judgemental Who takes that a step further...

Again, my love of orange shines through - I don't seem to be able to scrap a layout without orange recently!

And just to use up more orange paper, here is a quick layout I made with a snap from Portugal last year - me and Ed taking a break after a day trip into the mountains. I just love these Basic Grey Offbeat chipboard pieces - the pack seems to go on forever which is great value for money with the way things are these days.

Hoping to get more layouts done in the next few days - got my wireless printer to work today and it prints out gorgeous photos which have really inspired me to start up again. Sometimes I go through phases of inactivity with scrapping, but I always come back in the end, and since it was the last GCSE History exam today I feel a little bit of the pressure has lifted - thank goodness! Here's hoping they all do fantastically, bless em.


  1. Looove them - especially the first one! :D


    LOL!! I loved that game A LOT

    I wont repeat what we said, but remember the one about a kebab shop?


    hahaha Clo - you made me laugh out loud!

  3. i just love your blog! you are so gifted ♥