Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Tired, tired, tired!

Whoever believes teaching is easy, with (to quote my Dad) 22 weeks holiday a year, start at 10am and finish at 3pm, should really have been a fly on the wall in our department in recent weeks. We seem to be constantly on the go, with pantos and trainees and parents evenings and trips and all kinds of stuff to organise. If I just spent my days teaching my classes I would be happy - that is the easy part of the job!

So I have achieved very little in the way of scrapping in the last week. I did enjoy my weekend in London with my parents though, and discovered a shop in Covent Garden, David and Goliath, which had the most amazing PJs and T-shirts in it. Possible crimbo pressie alert, my dear family???


  1. That T-shirt is really cool! Love it.

    You're a braver woman than me with your choice of career. I don't think I could teach for all the tea in China!


  2. The shirt is cute! I guess we don't realize how much a teacher does outside the classroom! I agree with Marie, I couldn't do it!

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  4. I'm a secretary in a large secondary school in Hertfordshire and I wouldn't want to swap places with you for anything! Teaching is NOT an easy option!

    Love the David and Goliath shop too, have you seen the 'Boys are stupid' calendars?

  5. I love that T Chloe, it sure rocks!!
    I agree also with the OP's, I couldnt teach, maybe primary school or nursery but that is it, so yay for you girl!!

  6. Tell me about it! Work is so tiring at the moment, the days seem to go quicker though!

    Love that tee too.