Friday, 7 November 2008

The Night of the Weakest Link Machine...

I love the memories associated with this layout. Its one of the latest I created for the Papermaze blog, using the swoonworthy Basic Grey Offbeat range (which I have since gone out and purchased - naughty me!). The picture is of me and my friends in our uni days, when we went out to drown our sorrows one night in Leamington Spa and I ended up rather battered and started a rather violent competition with a Weakest Link machine. That night, my housemate Sarah got together with my workmate Luke. I like to think of myself as a rather drunken Cupid, as the two of them are still together now some 7 years later.

I decided I wanted to create a layout with lots of little details - not something immediately striking but one which draws you in to look at the elements. I ended up having to be thrifty with an American Crafts alpha I wanted to use too - if you look closely the second 'e' is made out of a spare 'c'!

In other news, I have managed nearly a full week back at work - I returned on Tuesday, and it was probably the best thing for me. The kids have been great, and I've been so busy its kept my mind off things. I've felt a little down this evening, as its the first time I've had a chance to stop, but Ed took me out to Pizza Express for a nice meal so I've cheered up a little now. Its amazing how the credit crunch has affected the town - it was nearly dead on a Friday night, which is so different to a year or so ago. Several bars had closed down. It will get back to normal eventually I guess - these things always do. But its still a shame that people have to suffer so badly in the mean time.

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  1. wow love the lo, i like the random uni layouts people are doing, great stuff xx