Friday, 31 October 2008

Still here

My Grandad is a fighter and is still with us. I spent most of the day yesterday by his hospital bed. He was less confused, and able to recognise all of us and even have a joke. The doctors let us bring him some beer which he kept asking for, and we put it on a sponge so he could taste it. We could only find Carling in the local Tesco Express, which he said was 'ok to clean your teeth with!' The funny thing is, Grandad was never a drinker - he obviously just had a fancy for it! Although I know the inevitable is very near, it amazes me how strong my Grandad is. And it was lovely to see him with so many members of his family around him. It just shows what a wonderful person he is - there is no one nicer in the world.

To cheer myself up, I decided to treat myself to these while browsing the net last night - a set of Sassafras clear stamps called Snail Mail. Aren't they cute? While I love the new Christmas line that Sassafras have brought out and everyone is going nuts over, I just don't make that many Christmas pages. So I stuck with these little fellas, which will make sweet embellishments, just like the owls I have already.


  1. Oh Chloe, I'm sorry for what you are going through. We've gone through this with my grandad over the past couple of years and it is tough. How wonderful that there is so much love around him and around you though.

  2. Chloe I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandad. We went through this for years with my Nan, I lost track of how many times we went through the same thing at the hospital and each time she pulled through. She was such a fighter but sadly lost the battle earlier this year. He's in the best place he can be and has his family surrounding him. I'm sure that means so much to him.

    Emma XXX

  3. All the best to you at this time. Kimx