Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Just when you think you have got over your subject review reasonably well and you are ready to ease into half term with some simple lessons along comes a piece of news that well and truly scuppers all that and leaves you working harder than ever before! Today, the head came to see my department to inform us that he had received a letter telling him that Ofsted are coming in next week to assess the History department. After all the work that went into the review, it couldn't be worse timing. And in the last week before half term, when the kids are hardly working at their hardest! Still, these things are sent to try us and all that. So no scrapping for me tonight unfortunately - bookmarking and frantic lesson planning instead.

I can however share the latest layout to appear in Scrapbook Inspirations with you - the Earrings layout was a bit of a rush commission and was part of a challenge to create a page with no lettering products. Which is actually more difficult than you might realise! I decided to make my title using wire bent into shape with pliers, and it turned out better than I thought it would. Here is the finished layout for your viewing pleasure (love that green and pink combination - I was inspired by the My Freedom pages I was creating at the time):

Anyway, this will have to be short post as I'm off to lesson plan - wish me luck!


  1. Hope it goes well Chloe, we've just come through a full OFSTED, but i know the subject ones are harder work for us teachers on the ground than the full school ones. I'm sure it will all go well!

  2. Love the pink and green combo on your earring page!
    Good luck on the Ofsted (Im a secretary in school office so know what that will involve!)

  3. Hope the OFSTED goes well Chloe. Love the layout and the letters good FAB.

  4. Hope the OFSTED inspection goes ok. The layout is fab xxx

  5. Great layout love your take on the text - truly inspired lady!

  6. Love the layout, I couldnt imagine not using letters, AaaRRRRhhh!!! But you rocked it!
    Hope all goes well with Ofsted, I am sure it will and dont get too stressed about it!
    Poor Ernie, One of my cats Diddy used to bully Molly so bad her fur fell out. So after a long think, we decided as we had had Molly the longest she had to find a new home with her Bro. It was sad, but not fair on poor Molly! So I know how upsetting it is, esp as you cannot do anything about it really! Just give him lots of cuddles.