Thursday, 15 January 2015

Smoothie Experiments

My quest to get my five a day in smoothie form continues, and I have to say I do feel the benefit of them, at least my stomach does!

One of the latest attempts has been this:


Frozen Black Forest Mix, a pear, grapes and some blueberries, topped up with some water. It produced this:

Quite runny without a banana to thicken it but I actually appreciate that thinner consistency sometimes, and very refreshing with the pear and grapes.

Another attempt was this:


The last of the Frozen Black Forest Mix, a banana, grapes and a splash of orange and raspberry juice. This combination produced this:

Much thicker, more milkshakey in consistency, but still decidedly yummy.

I plan to get some frozen mango/pineapple mix to make some more exotic flavoured smoothies soon, just for a change from the berries. It is definitely a fun way to eat your fruit and veg, and better than juice because all the flesh/skin is still in there.

We have been enjoying the fun of Playdoh at our house at the moment - J is obsessed with it and keeps asking us to make 'cakes', 'fried eggs' and 'parrots' for some reason. Any ideas for inventive Playdoh play to expand our horizons?


Work wise I am feeling a lot happier at the moment. I have started a new marking regime that is less labour intensive but actually gives more instant feedback to the kids. I feel like I have got some of my life back, without detrimentally affecting the kids I teach, which is fantastic. Which also means more time to do a bit of knitting in the evening. Boxy is now up to 26cm. Just 14cm more to go before I split for front and back. But worried about that rolling hem though, praying it will be sorted with a bit of blocking come the finish!








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