Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Five months

So what have I been getting up to in the five months since my little man came into my life?

Mainly enjoying the wonder that is watching him grow up; so, so fast! Seriously, everyone told me that I had to enjoy every minute, or I'd blink and miss it, but I didn't realise quite how truthful they were being. Every now and then I catch myself feeling sad and shed a tear because my tiny baby has disappeared. And this may be the only time I experience such complete and utter fragility and vulnerability. But mostly I am amazed about the little personality my boy has become.

I don't want to put too much of Jake out there on my blog. Life being what it is, you can't afford to be too open.

But a part of me wants to share just a few things. Like his favourite toy, little blue donkey. The way he giggles without fail when Ed clicks his tongue at him. The way he watches me so intently when I sing Wheels on the Bus or Five Little Ducks. The extremely angry cry should I dare to try and put a vest on over his head!

These are all the little things that are so everyday at the moment, but will probably be forgotten in time. So instead I'll record them here.

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