Sunday, 18 March 2012

Taking a break

Another week passes too busy to blog, but I'm determined to manage at least a post a week if I can, so here is a quick one. I'm now 23 weeks pregnant and loving all the kicking and squirming that little one is doing. In fact, I got a bit worried earlier today when I hadn't felt it kick in a while and had to have a little listen on the doppler (which was an absolute godsend in the early days of this pregnancy, but hasn't been used so much lately). But all was well, and since then I've been reminded of little one's presence several times!

Sleep is starting to be a problem - not actually getting to sleep, but waking up with lower backache and not being able to get comfortable again, not matter how I prop myself up with pillows. This morning I got up at seven as it was useless lying there trying to sleep - I'm convinced this is all training for the early mornings I will get to experience as a mum. My own mum exists on about 3 hours sleep a night even now, all thanks to yours truly who was a nightmare sleeper!

I actually got a Mother's Day card today (clever bump!). Nice to think that next year it will be for real...

So a layout to share, not photographed very well I'm afraid due to poor light this evening. It was made using last May's Cocoa Daisy kit, and shows some photos of our holiday to Paris in the Autumn of 2010 - this is me and mum taking a rest outside the Louvre. Everything on the page comes from the kit, except the chipboard thickers and the pink mist which I used to add a bit more depth to the background. I love that rose ribbon!

In other news, I managed to sell a few stacks of scrapbooking paper, but have lots more to go, including a stack of about 150 sheets of Basic Grey! I think I must have had a bit of an obsession at one point...

Anyway, off to bed now to get my couple of hours of sleep - back next week!


  1. I bought a "body pillow" when I was expecting my first baby because I had terrible back problems and it was a good send!

    Also, can't recommend highly enough a book called "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" by Tracy Hogg. THE best baby book in the world.


    1. Thanks Marie - thought about the body pillow but Ed has vetoed at the moment as he thinks there'll be no room in the bed for him! If it gets much worse though he'll have to go and sleep in the other room...